5 Ways To Improve Focus

Well writing a long blog post discussing how people with short attention spans need to improve their mental focus... Sounds like it’s a waste of time. Most of you have already spaced out.


WAIT!! Before you start thinking about dinner or something, here is why improving your focus will improve your quality of life.


Seriously, a better attention span will make you happier and here is why:

  1. Those with better attention spans can retain more knowledge and desire learning more than those with short attention spans- This is important because the ability to learn more than just the basics or skim the top of a subject, will allow you to understand subjects. Many struggle with the understand part of learning, they learn the basics but cant tell you how it works.

Don’t be that guy or girl… Being able to understand things can prevent frustration, help you advance within your job, and save you money!

              You can learn trades (which prevent you from wasting money by outsourcing).

  1. Those with a shorter attention span have lower sex drives… Do I need to explain why improving that brain power makes you happier?!


Rather than writing more reasons or BS’ing you more about attention spans to make you like me, lets just get to it. How can you improve your attention span?


  1. Gradually Increase Your Focus

Think of your mental workout as if it were a physical workout. It is impossible for you to run a marathon if you have never ran before. It needs to be gradual or else you will feel depleted.

Trying the “Pomodoro Method” is a great way to stay focused and accomplish a lot during the day. Basically work for 45 minutes and take a 15 minute break every hour. 


Most of us will think working for 45 minutes straight is way too long. So start with a shorter time period, maybe break it down into 45 minute increments. Work for 30 minutes straight with 15 minute breaks and build yourself up.


The pomodoro technique is proven to be effective and worth implementing into your daily routine.

  1. A distraction to do list- Did you know once you get distracted it takes 25 minutes to recover and get back to work? The digital world is actually damaging our mental focus, we actually have a shorter attention span than a goldfish now!

A great trick to avoid distractions, make a list. Lets say you are at your desk working and you have a thought like “What come first the chicken or the egg?”, instead of surfing the web for 30 minutes, write this down in your book. You can then research this during your 15 minute break.

  1. Meditate- Meditation can calm you down and keep you collected. Researchers continuously show how meditation helps boost your attention span significantly.

Researchers have conducted studies showing only 10 minutes of meditation a day greatly improves mental focus. No need for quiet beaches, close the door to your office and block your phone calls for 10 minutes.

  1. Exercise- Studies have shown people that participate in physical activity daily can help improve mental focus. It takes discipline when maintaining a workout regimen, this discipline transfers to improving your brain as well.


  1. Memorize Stuff- There are tons of memorization games you can play daily. Doing these games for 10-15 minutes a day, has shown mental improvements for adults.



Give these a try and maybe you will have a longer attention span than a goldfish eventually..

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