A Few Clutch Pickup Moves

 We all have experienced the single life. If you are now married, congrats. If you are single, then you may need some tips to help break the ice.


College life makes meeting new people super easy. Adulting makes it crazy difficult. Maybe you move to a new city, you don’t know anyone, and have no way of getting introduced (outside of a dating app). What are some ways you can meet the girl (or guy) of your dreams?


Lets talk about places you can go or things you can do to just get in front of other people:

  1. Community Service- Place like Habitat for Humanity or other community service organizations can be a great place to meet people. Look I’m not saying you need to work the soup kitchen 30 hours a week to actually meet people, but it helps.
  2. Work- Pretty obvious but playing the new guy card is a great way to make friends. Maybe you can join everyone for a happy hour/etc. Meeting girls in a group of friends is always an easier way to break the ice.
  3. The bar- Yes most single people on the weekends like to enjoy the night life. Get on out there!

Lets talk about places you wont find your next lover:

  1. Your couch watching Netflix.
  2. Strip Club. You may think they love you, but they never do…
  3. A Battle Royale in Fortnite.

Alright, you know where to start looking, but how do you take on the biggest challenge of all? Approaching someone and beginning a conversation.


Texting after you meet someone is maybe the easy part of building a relationship or the second time you meet in person, but how do you just introduce yourself to someone? Especially in a room full of other guys looking to meet single women? Well I am not an expert, but here are some proven ways to break the ice and honestly they are hilarious.

  1. Chicken Fingers at the Bar Guy- I heard a story of this guy at the bar and it was late at night. He was looking to make a move and meet some girls, so he ordered chicken fingers. Yup, chicken finger. He then walked around the bar/dance floor offering girls chicken fingers. The results? He scored big time!
  2. Puppy anywhere- You want to meet a girl? Get a cute puppy and bring that dog everywhere. The park, the beach, heck stand out front of a bar and wait for people to exit. This is a great way to introduce yourself because the dog is doing all the work.
  3. Book at the Bar Guy- This is a power move for sure. Go to the bar, sit down, order some whiskey, then start reading a book. Trust me this works. People are so intrigued that you are doing something so bizarre, they want to find out more.
  4. Go to the bar solo- A group of guy or girls, is intimidating to approach. Going solo makes it easy for them to feel comfortable around you. Sit at the bar, order a drink, and spark up some conversations.
  5. Give the number and walk away- Seems simple and like its never going to work? Well I saw this executed to perfection last week. While out with some of my friends, I watched a guy approach a girl and essentially say “Hey here’s my number, give me a call sometime if you want to grab a drink”. Thinking that was a pretty ballsy move and no way it works. The girl looks at her friends and they all start laughing, she presumed 10 minutes later to text him. I cant prove this works all the time, but hey that guy got it done!

Honestly find a funny way to introduce yourself that is a little out of the norm. People don’t want to feel uncomfortable, change that by making them comfortable. Also, when people go out with a group of friends or at the gym, they don’t want to be pulled away from their group to converse with you for an hour. Most people try to get someone away from the pack, honestly let them know “hey you’re with a group right now and I wont pull you away from them, here’s my number if you want to hangout.” That’s all you need to do, pass the number and try to get them solo.


Good luck out there.

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