A Guide To Stop Thinking About Work When You're Away From Work

The digital world has created some amazing inventions and has helped people become more effective at work. The problem with the creation of smart phones and other digital communication outlets, we are around them 24/7. Before we would never be expected to respond to an email at all hours of the day (or on vacation). The simpler times, where we actually got to turn work off for a little while. It is estimated that approximately 182.9 billion emails are sent and received each day throughout the world.

As a member of the workforce my least favorite invention EVER is the email. I hate emails. Always being sent, always expected to respond, and they can get in touch with you whenever they want. Like when your boss says “Hey Garry see my email on the merger last night?”, no boss I was drinking away my hatred of this place! Woah ill pull the reins back a little here.

It is important to have a strong work/life balance, allowing work to interfere with life can be very damaging. It can stop you from achieving your dreams or even worse, prevent you from ever dreaming.

Peggy Duncan is an expert in work/life balance. She is a productivity coach for busy executives. Duncan suggest that you need to work smarter and not harder. The problem is people leave to much chaos at work, so they mentally feel overwhelmed and stressed when away from their desk.

Duncan suggest “spend time organizing everything, improving and streamlining how you work with better processes and technology. Imagine leaving work with a clean desk, deadlines met and a clear sense of what needs to get done first the next workday. If your eyes always see a mess, your mind will become one.”

A mess on our desk or even in our homes equals chaos, at least in our brain because we feel unorganized and panic.

After organizing your desk and the following days to-do-list, what’s next when you still feel like your heart is going to explode due to overworking? Shut down devices. Art Markman believes shutting down technology can help you get away from work and allow you to focus on yourself. Helping you create personal goals and improve your situation. He makes the analogy of a smoker who is trying to quit will not leave a carton of cigarettes on the table, so why should you do the same thing with your phone?

Not only will your devices cause more stress, but looking at your phone before bed can be detrimental to your sleep cycle as well. No sleep means more unhappiness.

If you still feel work is driving your home life insane, try this. Many professionals believe picking up a hobby in which you need to improve or solve a problem can help get your mind off work. Like gardening or golf, they can be great tools to help shutdown the work side of your brain and create some joy in other areas of life again.

You are probably reading this article while sitting at a desk with phones ringing off the hook and emails piling up. We recommend trying these practices today, unless you want to dissolve into a pile of dust at your desk.

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