Is Catching Up On Sleep Is A Real Thing?

I hope our members understand we would never clickbait anyone. Ever. When you are browsing the internet and come across a cool blog post, then find out it was just click bait. Sucks. Also we never want you to think we are too serious with our content, health topics can be fun and not intense/serious with an overwhelming amount of writing like most supplement companies.

Ok, I am done with my little rant. So lets discuss the old saying of “catch up on my sleep”, myth or factual? Well it’s a myth. Fine. But can you actually catch up on your sleep, so you no longer feel tired when you wake up? Without changing your work schedule or sleeping in for 48 hours? We think yes.

We are busy with the balance of work, family, and pleasure. The true piece of life that gets sacrificed is usually sleep. If you have a newborn baby, you most likely aren’t getting your 7 hours of sleep you need. Truly there is nothing you can do to add more hours of sleep, but maybe preparing your body for sleep will help tremendously.

Hydration Before Bed

Drinking water before bed can do wonders for your body and sleep. Here are some ways water can be a great addition to your nightly routine:

1. Dehydration- When you sleep, your body will not burn as much fluid, so drinking water before bed is a great time to get these fluid levels back where they need to be so your body can wake up hydrated and ready to go. So catching up on your hydration is a real thing! Also a fun fact, your body burns fat when you are asleep. Staying hydrated will help the body burn that fat, but also prevent you from waking up in a fog due to the lack of water. Imagine running a mile and not drinking water before, during, or after. You wouldn’t feel so hot.

2. Skin Health- Drinking water before bed can help you eliminate all those lotions you have bed side. Water is a lot cheaper than that lotion Jennifer Anniston is selling us. Lotions tell us they will rehydrate the skin, water will do this for you. So drink some water before bed to have healthy and glowing skin.

3. Burn some Pounds- If you are trying to lose weight, a glass of water before bed can significantly help. Water is a natural calorie burner! Not only does water contain zero calories, but it helps burn calories in the process. If you want to burn some excess calories in your sleep, try drinking a glass of ice water before going to bed. When you are cold, your body works to bring up your temperature, and in the process burns calories and boosts your metabolism. Drinking ice water will double the rate at which your body works to keep you warm, therefore doubling the calories burned.

4. Helps You Sleep Better- People usually think too much water before bed will hurt their sleep due to waking up to pee in the middle of the night. However, the truth is quite contrary, as another one of the benefits of drinking water before bed is that it will actually help relax you and help you fall asleep faster. Water brings balance to your hormone levels, energy levels, vitamins and minerals, and muscles and joints. Having all of these aspects of your body in balance will help you to sleep more soundly and consistently. The body relaxing faster, means you fall asleep faster. Boom.

5. Add a lemon- Lemon can help energize those ions and enhance your mood. Adding a lemon before bed will help recharge your body when you wake up.

Stay away from the screen

You have probably heard this before, but may not understand what damage is being done looking at your smartphone before bed. We are addicted to our phones and it is easy to get lost on the internet before bed catching up on the days events. But looking at the phone will truly delay how quickly you fall asleep.

According to a study conducted by researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, reading from an iPad before bed not only makes it harder to fall asleep, but also impacts how alert you are the next day. The study, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, said the findings could impact anyone who uses an eReader, laptop, smartphone, or certain TVs before bed.

The new research supports conclusions from older studies, which have also found that screen time before sleep can be detrimental. “We know from previous work that light from screens in the evening alters sleepiness and alertness, and suppresses melatonin levels,” Dr. Anne-Marie Chang, an associate neuroscientist in BWH’s Division of Sleep and Circadian Disorders who was a co-author on the study, told The Huffington Post via email. “This study shows comprehensive results of a direct comparison between reading with a light-emitting device and reading a printed book and the consequences on sleep.”

Reading from a books can really stimulate your brain and help with sleep. Reading from a screen not damages how quickly you fall asleep, but it will affect REM cycles due to less melatonin. The study also found that people getting the same 8 hours of sleep, would wake up tired and less focused if they read from a screen the night before.

Its not about the hours, its all about the preparation before bed. Turn the phone off before bed and pick up a book!

The temperature in the room

When you are laying down in bed, your body is preparing itself for the sleep cycle. Part of that preparation is the lowering of your body temperature. To help you fall asleep faster, have your bedroom set between 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit. This will help your body shutdown faster, meaning you fall asleep faster. Falling asleep faster will help you feel reenergized in the morning. Obviously.

Conclusion: Can we “catch up” our sleep cycle, no. But that doesn’t really make any sense. Think of your body as if it were a cell phone. Let’s say you are at 30% every night before bed and wake up to 60%. More sleep won’t get you back to 100%, but preparing your body for a more effective sleep cycle will get you back to 100%.

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