Caught Redhanded: You Like To Smell Your Farts

You filthy animal. When you let one rip, do you catch wind and think “Hey that smells pretty good?” Well there may actually be a reason to this. Is it weird to smell your own farts? Well I guess everyone has a different idea of what weird means, we vote yes.

Have you noticed that if someone lets one “rip”, it smells horrible. Your eyes burn and thoughts of death start to creep in? Well there is a reason to this. Not just because of the smell, but our body can detect our own farts. Scientists confirmed in a blind smell test that we actually do like the smell of our own farts because the bacteria which creates the smell is unique to each person.

Basically, the body can smell our own bacteria and the unique odor makes our body enjoy the smell.

But why do we hate the smell of someone else’s fart? Well when you smell another persons Silent But Deadly, your brain detects it as something that is trying to harm your body because of the bad smell. The smell makes your body go into defense mod, which is actually a good thing because smelling a fart can be harmful.

You may be thinking “Yeah right, how can a fart be dangerous?”. One fart has the ability to spread Streptococcus pyogenes. This bacteria can cause tonsillitis and flesh eating disease, dispersed by poop particles. It is all fun and games until someone dies due to poop particles. No one deserves to go out like that.

Alright well smell ya later.

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