The Alcoholic Beverage That Strengthens Your Bones

Do you like to go out every once and a while with some friends to decompress?

Well if you like to mingle with your friends while sipping a cocktail, think about choosing tequila. Why? Because it can actually help strengthen your bones!

The Independent explains how a “researcher in Mexico.” has conducted a study showing how tequila helps your bones absorb calcium better. No this researcher does not work for the big tequila companies, he is actually a real, live doctor with the Center for Research and Advanced Studies in Mexico City.

Blue Agave- made by baking, mashed, strained, fermented and then distilled becomes tequila—contains substances called “fructans” that improve the body’s ability to absorb calcium. Calcium is extremely important when sustaining healthy bones.

A study was conducted on mice and those that were given fructans actually absorbed 50 percent more calcium than mice that were not.

Something you need to understand, this study was conducted on Blue Agave and not Cuevo, so not all tequila is made the same.

Also, we are not discussing the damage alcohol does to your liver and other organs, but the thought that tequila has some heath benefits is pretty cool.

Fun fact on tequila, it is low on calories, so for you fitness buffs this is a solid drink to sip on while out at the bars.

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