Wait, They Cured Baldness?

Going bald is horrible.

Unless you are going bald, you truly don’t understand the struggle. First off, there is “bald shaming”. Bald shaming is a tactic used not only by hot girls on dating apps, corporations are attacking the bald. They understand its hard to sell when the customer is comfortable with themselves, so they target the insecure.

This causes some serious emotional breakdowns, so yes people going bald can create huge psychological issues.

We men are taught gray hair is “sexy” but avoid going bald at ALL cost!

Too make matters worse for the bald, a survey conducted by Johns Hopkins University (Yes a real University, not some pretend college) shows that men with beautiful full heads of hair have a serious advantage. The survey found that Men with beautiful flowing hair were perceived more attractive, successful, and younger looking. Women also stated men with hair seemed more “approachable”.

That’s Bulls**t! Can you believe that? I mean its not our fault we have amazing skin on the top of our head and just want to show the world.

The hair growth industry has been booming, but this has typically been driven by slowing down hair loss, rather than growing hair when bald. The hair loss industry did $3.6 billion in sales in 2016 and they are still quickly on the rise! Actually a fun fact on “bald gold” Rogaine, it actually is best for those who still have the majority of their hair. Also, if you have hair loss in your family tree, Rogaine wont fight genetics buddy.

But there is some big news for you baldies out there, a cure may have been found! A Japanese research team may have found a cure to grow hair back for bald men. The team had found a way to mass-cultivate hair-follicle germs (cells that grow and sustain hair). They were able to develop 5,000 within only a few days, which is the largest scale to date, and this has lead to the believe that by 2020 we will see a commercial rise in the cure for baldness.

The team is going to start conducting trials on mice this month and could potentially trial these products on men in the next few years.

The recent news from Japan is awesome, but they aren’t the only people claiming they have a cure for baldness. The New York Times recently reported on a neuroscientist named David Weinstein, claiming he has not only found a cure but used it.. It worked!

The company is looking for investors currently to launch the product called RT1640.

“RT1640 is made up of three small molecule drugs that together synergize to act on three distinct pathways in hair biology. One drug promotes the growth and migration of new stem cells, one drug promotes the commitment of the follicular stem cells to become new hair and one protects the dermal papilla from the effects of DHT [a byproduct of testosterone that shortens the lifespan of each affected follicle].”

Right now the hottest startup spots in the country; Silicon Valley and New York City, are seeing companies popup that are racing towards finding the cure and getting it to retail. So it is not a matter of if, but when. A cure is looking to be hair (get it?) soon!

Bald men rejoice!

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