When Are You Consuming Too Much Coffee?

Unfortunately the world is playing a sick joke on us. Why is it that the things that taste so good, can be so bad for us. Why tease us? Ice Cream, melted cheese on anything, candy bars, or a bowl of Cookie Crisp cereal. But can coffee be too much? And how much is too much?

Adulting is a tough deal, work all the time and then we try to take advantage of the little personal time we have, which means no sleep. So to avoid looking like a zombie moving at a snails pace, we devour caffeine. Studies show great health benefits to black coffee, but then comes the question, how much is to much?

We get into espresso shots, cappuccinos, and all the other enjoyable ways to drink coffee. We Americans will drink coffee for breakfast or a cappuccino after a good meal. We are hooked. Full on addicted to this stuff, like Tyrone Biggums loves crack (Chappelle Show Reference).
So how much coffee is too much coffee?
“Research indicates that ingesting too much caffeine — anywhere between 500 to 600 milligrams, or five or more cups of coffee a day — can cause adverse effects,” says registered dietician Jennifer Markowitz.

Lets put this caffeine total into perspective according to the Mayo Clinic:
Flat White- 150 MG
Espresso Shot- 47 to 64 MG
Latte- 63-126 MG
Cup of Coffee- 95 to 165 MG

This statics scares the crap out of me. 5 cups of coffee a day? But also I love a good espresso shot (or two) in my cup of coffee to give me that extra spunk of energy needed to get through the days task. A flat white can have up to 282 MG of caffeine per serving, which puts you have way already for the day and we just got started.

So we understand too much caffeine can be bad for us, but here are some specifics things caffeine does to our body over time:

If you cant sleep: Caffeine is processed differently based on the person, but typically it takes around 24 hours to run through your system. So overloading the body with caffeine can really damage how well you sleep.

If you are hearing things: “High coffee intake can cause auditory hallucinations – hearing things that are not there” according to researchers from La Trobe University. This study also found that combining high caffeine intake with stress will really make you hallucinate. So when you are overwhelmed with work and decide to stay up late with a cup of coffee, you may be going on a wild ride.

Your Liver gets Damaged: This is a tough subject, because like most topics, there are two opinions that contradict each other. When it comes to coffee and the liver, a little coffee is good and too much can cause some serious damage.

A study in a 2007 issue of “Nigerian Journal of Physiological Sciences” reports that “caffeine may suppress liver scarring in patients with chronic liver disease. The buildup of scar tissue blocks blood flow to the liver, impairing the organ’s ability to function and heal itself. Additionally, a 19-year-long study of just under 10,000 people showed that drinking a moderate amount of caffeine-containing beverages each day significantly reduces your risk of developing chronic liver disease, as noted in a 2005 issue of “Gastroenterology.” More specifically, those in the study who drank two or more cups of coffee or tea per day developed chronic liver disease half as often as those who consumed less than a cup a day.”

The damage to your liver stems more from caffeine than coffee, but just 2 cups a day can cause lifelong damage. Crazy to think about as I am writing this blog post, currently on my fourth cup of the day.

Bad for your bones: Caffeine over time will weaken your bones, so make sure to consume some calcium to counter the effects.

Its Addictive: This means you are going to experience withdrawals. Symptoms start about 12 to 24 hours after your last cup, according to the American Heart Association, and can take the form of increased irritability and headaches. This is why you are extra grumpy in the morning without your cup of joe, your hooked.

Well these are some reasons to cut down on your coffee intake. Will you listen to us? Probably not, but we recommend slowing down on those double espresso shots. They can really add up.

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