Basic Clean Bulk Plan

Basic Clean Bulk Plan

It is easy to get wrapped up in the latest fad diet or some new and improved meal prep service, but those things aren't always easy to sustain. As an athlete, you have to commit daily to whichever plan or strategy works best for you. This is why the fad diets and crazy meal services come and go - but cooking your own meals and eating right is something that has been around for ages.

Coming from a supplement company this might sound odd - but supplements are not the most important part of your regimen. Diet and exercise are going to trump supplements all day every day, and supplements will only work for you if you are working on those other two things. 

If you workout three times a month and eat from a drive through window more than half of the nights in a week - our protein and creatine won't be doing much for you. 

We say our supplements work as hard as you do for a reason. Our supplements are only going to perform to the best of their abilities and help you out if you are helping yourself. 

Today we are going to fill you in on a basic clean bulk meal plan. This plan is a compilation of research and study from our PHD Chief of Research. It is a plan that is sustainable and can be extremely friendly to your bank account if you choose to play it that way.

Before we dive in to the meals and the food - let's talk about the two kinds of bulking. 

Clean Bulk or Dirty Bulk.

Getting big and fat is not what you want to accomplish from a bulk - you want to get bigger and better. Bigger and better is going to rely solely on your protein intake. The idea behind a dirty bulk is that as long as you are getting your daily protein mark, you can put whatever else you want to down your gullet and you will still see size gains. 

This is true obviously because in a caloric surplus you are going to be gaining weight. The type of weight however, might not be exactly what you wanted. Lastly, even if this strategy will work for your external appearance, what it will do to you on the inside is not going to be worth it later down the road.

Clean bulking is going to be your best option, and the option that we are going to layout for you later in this article. The clean bulk idea is pretty simple really - meet your daily caloric intake goal, and eat as much fresh and as little processed foods as possible. 

You should aim for 1-2g of protein per pound of bodyweight to make sure that your muscles are receiving the replenishment they need. Let's break down the math a little further. 

Using a 175 pound male as an example:


15 calories per pound of bodyweight each day

15 calories x 175 lbs = 2,625 calories


1g per pound of bodyweight 

1g x 175 lbs = 700 calories (175g protein)


25% of daily caloric intake

1g x 175 lbs = 700 calories (75g fat)


Remaining calories

1,400 calories (350g carbs)

From this information, you need to play around and find what works best for you. What is your body type? What is a specific goal you have? What is your level of training expertise? 

You should aim for 3-4 full meals a day, with snack times and protein shakes included. 

With the 3 meals and 2 daily snacks as listed above, you are sure to hit your caloric intake goals and start adding size and weight to your frame in no time. We feel it is important to mention once again though - our supplements are not going to work unless you do! 

The diet and exercise portion is much more instrumental to your success than any amount of pre-workout or protein shake could ever be. 

Good luck with your bulk and remember - protein is going to be the king of your size and weight gain! 

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