A Football Focus?

A Football Focus?

The total number of high school football players in the United States of America was over 1,000,000. Yes - one million. Track and field is the next closest with a few less, but still over a million, and then it drops to baseball at number three with over 800,000. 


The reason we point this out to you today is because we want to explain to you why our supplements and our brand is focused around the sport of football and its athletes.


The ownership team at New Dimension has years of playing and coaching experience behind them that create a culture in our organization that cares about the sport and the people who play it. We recognize all of the real life benefits that the sport can provide, and we want to help people travel as far as they can in this life with the sport of football acting as the wind at their back. 


The opportunities that football can provide a young person are unmatched. The fraternity you enter when you step in to a locker room is like nothing else you can find - the same is true at New Dimension. We create the culture that people need to be a part of. We set standards and meet goals, and help you do the same.


So join us in our mission to develop football athletes in to the absolute best players and people they can possibly become.

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