Details On Our Spring Blowout Sale

Details On Our Spring Blowout Sale

Starting TODAY New Dimension will be running a Spring Blowout Sale on all products on our site! We have tons of product and want to get it out to everybody who needs it, which is why prices are being cut in half, our free shipping still stands on orders over $30, and on top of all that - purchasers will receive a free SWAG PACK in each shipment.


Before we complete our rebranding process we are hoping to sell out of all of our inventory in order to fund our next batch of amazing supplements. This means all of our current products are 50% off and you will receive a handful of bonus items just for completing a simple purchase!


Whey protein will be selling for $17

Pre-workout will sell for $12

Our BCAA's and Creatine will each sell for $8


Consider this our late Christmas present to you! T-shirts, lanyards, sunglasses, shaker bottles, and more will be thrown in with each purchase you make - no questions asked. You can stock up for the spring and by the time summer rolls around, we will have our new product and new packaging all ready to go. 


Contact us via email at for more information or inquiries on wholesale/team pricing options! 

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