The Truth

Overpriced and under performing products have been the norm for decades in the supplement industry. Until Nickel & Dime changed the game.

The Workout Supplement Industry AKA The Great Myth

For years, supplements have been known as a quality product. Sold at a premium, because they were a premium commodity. 

After some discovery, it’s concluded that the big companies sell their products from 8 to 12 times more than what they cost to produce. Fair? Absolutely not.

This means that you are really paying for third-party markups, and Instagram “models” , and just greedy companies.

Most companies hide ingredients (useless junk) behind their own proprietary blend. NDSC does not

The “proprietary blend” allows big companies to hide the doses of their ingredients, so you do not even know what you’re buying! If a company isn't willing to tell you what you’re buying. Why trust them with your hard earned money?

Wasting Money on Marketing

When selling a product, everything a company does to promote a product - makes that product cost more for you. 

Let me phrase that differently. Having Instagram models “pose” with a product makes it cost more! 

News flash, they do not take that product. It was recently discovered that models photo shop themselves!

Free Shipping? Talk about the markups and how they will say free shipping because they charge you $50 for a $7 product

Free shipping sounds great right? Wrong. In a price structure, “free shipping” can be an easy selling point and cover up their cruel markups. Don’t let the trick of free shipping cover up something that is being sold for over 10 times what it costs to make! Business should be about the customer right? We thought so too.

Cutting Cost - Made and shipped directly to you. No funny business

High Quality

The truth is ONLY proper diet and exercise will bring you the dream physique.

With that out the way - there are safe substances that have been proven to increase strength, recovery, fat/weight loss, and results.

We use only ingredients that have been scientifically proven to help you get results faster.