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4 Big Changes You Can Make To Improve Your Fitness

In a quick post I am going to give you four key items that will almost guarantee your success in the gym. If you apply them to your life and your current routine you will be unstoppable.


1. Nutrition is Everything

Many people hit the gym for a few consecutive months and hardly see any results. They often blame it on the program or the gym, but hardly ever themselves. They made the effort and went every day, right? Sort of. The noticeable results come more from the food you are taking in than the weights you lift. 


There are hundreds and hundreds of nutrition strategies out there, be sure to try a few on for size and see which works best for you. Some people naturally tend to skip breakfast, so some form of intermittent fasting might be right for them. 


2. No Gym Required

Weird that we have previously mentioned success in the gym I know, but stay with us. It's about the type and duration of physical activity, more so than the location. You can get a perfectly fine workout completed in your living room, driveway, parking lot at work, the list goes on and on.


Once you master a few bodyweight exercises there are plenty of ways to increase the difficulty, while still involving little to no weight. These aren't the strategies you have to use by any means - but please remember that a gym is not a necessity!


3. Put Yourself First

Once you commit to the goal or the change that you have in mind, stick to it. Schedule your time training and your meals and be very diligent about it. Be frugal with your time for just a short period, and see all the great things that will happen for you. 


Stay the course, be strict about your time and who you give it to, and be wise about what it is that you are doing with your exercises and your regimen. 


4. Stay Consistent

Many times we overestimate what it is that we can accomplish in a day, and underestimate what we can accomplish in a year.


We can all do incredible things if we are patient and consistent enough to see it all the way through. Clear your path and push forward!