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  • 4 Big Changes You Can Make To Improve Your Fitness

    Many times we overestimate what it is that we can accomplish in a day, and underestimate what we can accomplish in a year.
  • The Process Isn't Always Pretty

    Throughout your journey, no matter how difficult it may get, keep your grit. Stay determined to achieve what it is you set out to achieve. Anything that comes fast or easy usually isn't worth having.
  • Only While Supplies Last!

    In lieu of our Spring Blowout Sale product has been flying off the shelves! If you have already made a purchase we appreciate you and your product + free gear will be arriving in no time.
  • Details On Our Spring Blowout Sale

    Starting TODAY New Dimension will be running a Spring Blowout Sale on all products on our site! 
  • How To Find The Best Workout Split For You

    To put it quite frankly - the best way to never gain muscle is to never go to the gym and never train. The second best way to never gain muscle is to go to the gym, but have no idea what you are doing when you get there.
  • We Are Beginning Our Relabeling Process

    We want our product to provide the look and feel that our brand does - a powerful, meaningful one. 
  • Free 5 Day Workout Program

    Start using this 5 day workout split - great for a beginner or advanced athlete!